Hiring the halls

Whilst we have many groups that use the halls at fixed times each week, we have many available slots for regular group meetings or one-off events such as children’s parties or family gatherings.

The main hall is 13m x 7m, will accommodate 65 people. The small hall is 11m x 6m, will accommodate 35 people.

Our standard rates for one-off weekday bookings are £15 per hour for the main hall and £10 per hour for the small hall. Discounted rates are available for regular users who pay in advance.

A minimum hire period of 3 hours applies at weekends for one-off bookings when the building can only be booked as a whole at a cost of £25 per hour.

We offer discounts to regular users or for extended bookings.

Contact us if you’d like more information or to have a look around.


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